Interlude 1
A Taste of Kindness 
DragonMom heard Morena slip in from the back garden and silently handed her a cup of cocoa and a few herbs for her headache.  “Dear, you have to resolve this so you can sleep properly. You are the only person in residence at this time who can.”

Morena started to push away the cocoa and advice, then abruptly turned back into the kitchen and drained the cup in a single long gulp. “In the morning…”

“Ask the Door-Mouse tonight, he prefers to sleep days and he is exhausted.”

Morena sighed, setting the cup gently on the counter and tiredly watched it frolic in the soap suds and tuck itself away on the shelf.

“Some days making plans is an exercise in futility.”

Feeling determined and a little refreshed, Morena exited the kitchen, heading for the front hallway.  Amazingly, however, she found herself in the soapbox room. 

Instead of rushing to get under her feet, the nearest soapbox quivered and edged back against the wall.

Alarmed, Morena stepped back only to find herself once more in the kitchen.

DragonMom looked up amused from the chocolate cake she was instructing in Advanced Icing and in a bemused tone advised, “Use the other door, that one seems to be overly tired tonight.”

--DragonMom 1999

Conversations with a Doormouse