Humanities is the study of life.
In a very real way, it is the only way of looking at who
we, as a society, are, and how we got here. It can be
breathtakingly beautiful, and it can be disturbing. It
encompasses the best and the worst of what we are.
It is our story --the story of humanity.

                        These pages are designed as an offering to humanities students everywhere.
                        They are, however, particularly aimed at students takin humanities courses at
                        Central Florida Community College, Citrus Campus. For that reason,
                        I have followed the sequence of eras traced in the chapters of
                        Cunningham & Reich's Culture and Values. No part of this website
                        plagarizes or depends upon that book; it merely follows the chapter
                        sequence presented therein.

                        At the bottom of each Chapter introduction and Terms page is an email
                        icon like the one above.  I welcome any and all questions. Ask! Please!
                        That's the only way human beings learn.

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