Celtic Heritage

The Celts gave much to the world. They are a greatly unknown race, the majority of Celts were and are absorbed into other, more familiar nationalities. Yet the myths and the passion of the Celts lives on, perhaps most notable in the British Isles, but evident in the everyday life and art of the world. This is my haven for things Celtic and, in a larger sense, fantastical and beautiful. Why then is it called Celtica? The Celts were a complex people, not needing physical representations of God, and viewing the world in terms of their knotwork -- the convoluted windings of a single thread. These pages are about that thread of life and the places where the lines between our reality and the reality of myth and the Otherworld begin to blur. . .
U2: Dream Out Loud: the beginning of the U2 pages
Colour of Light: a story of Amberg
Ripples in the Pond:another story of Amberg
The Madwoman's Box of Dreams: a collection of poetry