Copyright Brian Froud
There are few things in the world as beautiful to me
as the written word. It is powerful, spanning time and 
space: binding together and tearing apart. I write 
because I must; it is not a choice -- it is a passion. 
The internet provides a way to reach a greater audience --
to reach out, and within these pages that is what I strive for.
Welcome to the microcosm..
This is a quiet place
A doorway, if you will, to other realms
To places where reality blurs
Coloured by the finger of myth
Make yourself at home
And perhaps
You will find something here
Of yourself
Colour of Light
a story of Amberg
Ripples in the Pond:
another story of Amberg
Mystery of the Missing Doorbell
a story of Tamson House
The Madwoman's Box of Dreams
a collection of poetry