Who am I?
 That is, without doubt, one of the most complex questions ever asked, and we spend our entire lives trying to answer it. Most of us never have to try to explain who we are to anyone beyond ourselves and a close circle of friends, but, when you enter a public forum, like, say, the internet, people begin wondering what kind of psychopath would expose herself in this way?
Female, 25. Brown hair. Hazel eyes.
Florida.  I live and work in Citrus County -- geriatric ward of Florida. The place would be unbearable were it not for my beloved, the opportunity to teach, and the local theatre.
I am madly in love with a wonderful man.  If you want to know about him, there's a whole page dedicated to him here.  We're hoping to be married in the eyes of men in about a year and a half.
Dream Residence: Stratford
4 year Bachelor of Arts degree from Houghton College, an excellent academic institution, and a social nightmare. in a double major of Writing and History.
Education in Progress:
An M.A. in Humanities from California State University, Dominguez Hills. (How can I do that & live in Florida? Check out their nifty Distance Learningdegree!)
Ummm, well, it's hard to explain. I am employed at a community college -- C.F.C.C. -- as a supervisor in a little place they call the Learning Support Center. The lab is what I call an Intellectual Bar. We provide computer and Internet access to students and do one-on-one teaching and tutoring work. Basically we serve information like a bar serves drinks -- and we ARE thinking about a tip jar. 

I also teach here as an adjunct.  At the moment, I can only teach preparatory (high-school equivalency) classes, but that will change when the Masters comes thru!

Desired Employment:
  • MOST COVETED, would, of course, be Stratford, working as an actress. But screwing up the courage to audition...
  • if not, I've wanted to be a writer since I was four, so supporting myself doing that would be nice
  • and, if worst comes to worst, I could always be a college professor. Probably what I'll end up with, considering the way I love words...
My Passions


May your heart be as free
As an ocean in a cage
May your love be as timeless
As the watch on a dead man's wrist
May your friends be beside you
And your heart your own
Go with God